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Filter, Pump, Valve and Digital 千亿体育网站

Flowrox provides complete solutions and services within process industry applications, especially in mining, minerals processing, metallurgy, construction, energy, environment and chemical industries. Choose between filter, pump, valve and digital services for own and other manufacturer’s products. Filter, pump and valve services include after-sales services, maintenance and refurbishments which ensure optimal and trouble-free operations. Digital 千亿体育网站 offer reliable IIoT solutions and intelligent systems for any industrial equipment. Through Flowrox Malibu™ online portal, Digital 千亿体育网站 provide real-time information from the site. Read more how can Flowrox services improve reliability and reduce downtime.

Professional local service, global availability

Intention of Flowrox is to provide excellent service close to customers. That is why Flowrox has local stock near you. Originating from Finland, Flowrox has subsidiaries in Australia, Chile, China, Peru, South Africa, Russia, Sweden and the United States as well as more than 230 sales representatives in 80 countries. Enjoy prompt responses and fast deliveries at all times.

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