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Safe, Reliable and Environment Friendly

千亿体育网站With over 18 000 products in more than 1 150 water and wastewater treatment plants, Flowrox offers pumps and valves that are able to withstand some of the most demanding applications and reliable Flowrox Filter Press. The environmental technologies extend services from flow control to flow conditioning, providing industrial technology solutions for water purification and sludge treatment.

Common challenges

千亿体育网站Isolation and control are the two most important words in the environmental industry. Mostly, industrial water treatment and wastewater industries include highly abrasive and corrosive applications which call for heavy duty equipment. On top of withstanding those demanding processes, the equipment needs to be safe and reliable. For example, most wastewater treatment plants use ozone, UV or chemical treatment. Each of them presents either high energy costs, issues with turbidity or chemical handling risks. With heavy duty products and environmental solutions targeted at this industry, Flowrox generates savings in water, waste, wastewater and process fluid handling while promoting overall safety.


Flowrox solution

Flowrox offers a wide selection of products that can be customized to fit any application within the water and wastewater industry. Whether it’s protection from abrasive or corrosive applications, Flowrox valves will protect the environment while keeping the performance on a high level. Flowrox pumps and Packaged Pumping Systems千亿体育网站™ withstand the most demanding process applications while offering safe and reliable equipment you can count on.

Flowrox Corona, powerful industrial water purification technology, eliminates all of them, thereby mitigating costs and environmental risks. Flowrox GeoBox, mobile geotextile filtration and dewatering unit, enables easy and cost-efficient transportation of solids or concentrated sludge. Flowrox filter press presents fully automatic operation, high quality, superb performance and high availability. The safety features and systems are already integrated. All Flowrox products can be enhanced with Flowrox Digital 千亿体育网站千亿体育网站, which combine any process and IIoT (industrial internet of things).

千亿体育网站Some of the main processes in water and wastewater industry where you can find Flowrox product include:


Reliable Flowrox Pump Technology

  • Primary sedimentation
  • Secondary / tertiary treatment
  • Scum or grease
  • Filter feed / dewatering
  • Thickening process
  • Digester / lagoon
  • Sampling systems
  • Sludge dewatering

Flowrox Filter Press

  • Polishing
  • Wastewater streams

Flowrox Heavy Duty Valves

  • Lime slurry
  • Carbon slurry
  • WAS sludge control
  • Grit removal
  • Raw sewage
  • Digester gasses
  • Outfall protection
  • Pipeline backflow prevention

Flowrox Corona: awesome plasma technology

  • Disinfects water
  • Destroys organic pollutants
  • Removes colour and odour
  • Prevents membrane fouling
  • Purifies plant cooling water
  • Removes pharmaceutical residues

Flowrox GeoBox is suitable for:

  • Sewage sludge dewatering
  • Tailings dewatering
  • Concentration of oily sludge
  • Separation of precipitated solids and impurities
  • Filtration and dewatering of clay, sand and other fine particles
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